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Schwarzenegger’s Return Revives ‘Terminator’ Franchise!

Last week Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted that he was back in action and ready to take on new acting roles. We immediately assembled a mental wish list that consisted mostly of projects we don’t want him to do (come back strong, avoid anything like Junior, Batman & Robin and Jingle all the Way!)

Some exciting news come revving in courtesy of Deadline who report that Universal Pictures is looking to revive James Cameron’s franchise and attach Schwarzenegger to return. The most exciting news is that it’s a potential vehicle (pun totally intended) for Justin Lin, who helmed the last three installments of The Fast and the Furious franchise, including the latest Fast Five, which Universal releases April 29. The plan would be to possibly pair him with Chris Morgan, who aside from Fast Five has credits on big scale Universal films that include the upcoming Keanu Reeves actioner 47 Ronin and Wanted.

This leaves me with a hornets nest of thoughts stinging my brain. First and foremost, I really, really, reallllly don’t want to see a fifth pic in the future. And furthermore, I expect that they return to the roots and ensure it’s a chase film. I know that the mere mention of Terminator evokes the high-budget/CGI response, but seriously, why not bring it down a notch? Lastly, if you’re going to amp up the Terminator, you need to do something badder and cooler than the T-1,000,000 from Universal Studios’ T2 3-D: Battle Across Time attraction.

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