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We Love ‘Rat Scratch Fever’ & Now You Can See It!

If you’re a fan of unintentionally bad movies like myself, you’re probably sweating in anticipation for Severin’s Birdemic release. But when that fun is said and done, you’re going to need something else to look forward to.

A film I’m absolutely in love with is Jeff Leroy’s Rat Scratch Fever, a totally balls-to-the-wall batsh*t insane sci-fi horror film that drops a cheese-bomb on you so big that you won’t see straight for weeks.

Brought back from space, an army of giant, mutant rats causes death and destruction for Los Angeles and the world.

Those of you living in the Los Angeles area clear your calendars for February 26 @10:30PM as the Cinefamily (611 N Fairfax Avenue) will be host to a one night event where Leroy and cast members will be on hand for a Q+A following a screening. Tickets are only $10, but the experience will be priceless.

A new trailer has been released for the film and can be viewed inside.

Jeff Leroy’s schlock masterpiece Rat Scratch Fever is one the greatest feats of cinematic ingenuity thus far this century. Made on a budget of cheeseburgers and good intentions, this phantasmagoria of puppets, miniature sets, greenscreens and live Food Of The Gods-style enlarged rodents rat-chets the Dark Star homemade aesthetic to a new glorious extreme, reaching beyond sci-fi and horror conventions to become something truly transcendent, psychedelic and wow-inducing — and that barely rat-scratches the surface of this madcap ride! A veteran in the world of low-budget horror and softcore skin flicks, Leroy throws everything in his resourceful arsenal (and garage) at the screen for this staggering entertaining tale of astronauts that bring back humungoid mutant rats to a Los Angeles just waiting to be demolished by their feverish claws — resulting in a mash-up of alien invasion, animal disaster and mega-action that boggles the mind, hammers the senses and fulfills all expectations. Leroy’s incredible trailer has been circulating geek blogs since 2009 — and we can assure you the final product is every bit as mind-shatteringly inventive and crazed as you want it to be…” – Cinefamily



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