‘Diamond Dead’ Loses Some Financing

Over at the official website for George Romero’s Diamond Dead, Producer Andrew Gaty updated us on the progress of the zombie flick. After Romero decided to do Land of the Dead first, Diamond lost most of its financing and Gaty has been hard at work trying to get it back for next year. Read on for the latest on this problem…
Andrew Gaty writes:

“On the movie side, things are a bit slow. The financing from the UK could not wait – we would have needed to finish before April 5 (end of the UK tax year), so for the moment we are still waiting if the investors are willing to do it again for the next tax year. At present we seem to have anywhere between 50-75% of the financing. In some respects it was unfortunate for our financing that George had to do Land of the Dead before Diamond Dead, but he had little choice. If I were George, probably I would have done the same. That’s how it goes in this crazy business. But we will never give up.

Had a lunch meeting with Zach from Scott Free the other day and we discussed a few alternatives, which I can’t go into just yet. If the play succeeds, I would imagine investors will be more confident to write the check.

Thanks again for your interest and support, it means a lot to us.”

Source: Official Website