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Patrick Lussier on ‘Halloween 3-D’: ‘Scream 4’ Part of the Reason Behind Hold-Up?

During our recent exclusive chat with Patrick Lussier to discuss the release of his latest film, the Nicolas Cage vehicle Drive Angry 3D, we simply couldn’t let the MBV3D director go without first asking for an update – any update – on Halloween 3-D, which has seemingly gotten this close to production several times in the past before being put squarely on the Weinsteins’ back-burner once again. Interestingly, Lussier seems to think that the studio’s laser-focus on the make-or-break release of Scream 4 may be part of the reason for that.

Yeah, well, [we’ve got] the [‘H3’] script sitting there,” said Lussier. “We would make that in a hearbeat…[The Weinsteins’] focus has shifted onto ‘Hellraiser’, and they obviously want to focus on ‘Scream 4’…[their] sort of “slasher mind” is probably very, very focused on that film and the release of that film. So I can’t really speak for them, you know?

In other words, the Weinsteins are only able (willing?) to focus on reviving one slasher franchise at a time.

I wish I had more to tell you,” offered Lussier, obviously passionate about the project. “I know Todd and I would love to shoot that, love to shoot the script [that was] so much fun to write and delve into that Carpenter world.

Notice he said that “Carpenter” world, not that “Zombie” world. For lack of any other ray of hope to really latch onto, that’s gonna have to be enough to keep old school-oriented Halloween fans satisfied for the moment. Let’s hope once Scream 4 comes out we’ll see more movement on this.



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