‘Bad Seed’ Remake Gets Bloody and Disturbing

AICN broke the story tonight that Eli Roth has closed a deal to remake The Bad Seed with Warner Brothers. According to AICN, the producers will be Strike Entertainment, who did ‘Dawn of the Dead’. They’re currently looking at writers, but haven’t got someone signed yet. Inside you can read on about the new plot and Eli’s vision for the film…
AICN writes:

Ok – now what are they doing? Well, Eli’s concept for THE BAD SEED is essentially a film that takes the premise of THE BAD SEED, but instead of retelling that exact story, Eli is using it as a jumping off point for a character that he’s giddy about. Eli’s BAD SEED will attempt to create a horror icon out of a little 8 year old girl.

This is going to be very very hard R and bloody as hell. In a way, imagine Wednesday Addams in the ADDAMS FAMILY sequel at the camp, but *all the way*! I remember Eli telling me, “I love the idea of a twisted, pathological 8 year old killer who’s also really into Aaron Carter.” A big doe-eyed cutie with a butcher knife and a cupcake. One that simply can’t stop and will kill us all, then go back to hopscotch.

Source: Aint it Cool News
  • $a

    The original was great because it didnt have gore! I hope they don’t sacrifice the most thrilling part of the story for blood and gore.