SXSW '11: Brain. Melting. 'Detention' Trailer. Too Insane! - Bloody Disgusting!

SXSW ’11: Brain. Melting. ‘Detention’ Trailer. Too Insane!

Torque director Joseph Kahn is bringing this stylish commercial directing to this month’s SXSW Film Festival as they’ll be holding the world premiere of Detention, his slasher film that look like Scream meets Prom Night meets a SyFy original, with the Burger King’s Queen as the killer.

The trailer premiered this morning and is sure to blow your mind. Good, bad, I’m not sure. All I know is that I must see it. And kudos to Kahn for throwing a Torque joke in the opening seconds — that’s a man who can take criticism!

‘Detention’ tells the story of the senior class at Grizzly Lake high school. The road to graduation is never an easy one, but it’s further complicated for these students by the arrival of a slasher movie killer who has seemingly come to life. The only ones who can stop the killer are a handful of students, but they’ll have to cut out of detention if they’re to stand a chance at saving the world.” Josh Hutcherson, Dane Cook, Shanley Caswell, Spencer Locke, Parker Bagley, Alison Woods, Walter Perez, and Carrie Wiita all star.