Robert Englund Reveals Even More!

I only revealed so much of what I read in New Line Cinema’s Freddy vs Jason vs Ash treatment here, to avoid losing my head- but thank god Robert Englund likes to talk, because today was a perfect day for him to reveal more on the synopsis, which I couldn’t elaborate on. Read on for the scoop…
During an interview with Sci Robert Englund was quoted as saying,

“The premise is that if Freddy gets his hand on the necronomicon, he can return to life, as an immortal superbeing to seek revenge on Jason. Meanwhile, Freddy has to posses sleeping kids to try to kill Jason, but Jason just annhilates them. The parents of Elm Street view this as Jason murdering kids, so they hire a few supernatural being hunters to kill Jason. They top the team with Ash, who needs the money to fund his trip to destroy the book of the dead. Freddy realises Ash has the necronomicon in his dreams, so he has to get into Ash’s mind. So that interlocks the battle. Hope they finish soon, i’m looking foward to working with Bruce (Campbell) and Ken (Kirzinger).”

Source: Sci, Jasonlives1986