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Update: Will There Be a Sequel to ‘Deadgirl’?



Update: Sources tell us this report is quite far off as the plot actually follows a group of females who find the same “zombie” girl from the first film.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the controversial horror thriller Deadgirl could have a sequel in development… only this story is extremely prematurely.

The film — about two teenagers who discover a zombified naked girl in the bowels of an abandoned mental institution and lose their moral compasses in the process — first screened at the Toronto film festival in 2008. Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel directed the grimy black script from Trent Haaga.

The site reported in from SXSW where they heard that Haaga has written a screenplay for a sequel in response to the backlash from women who found the film misogynistic. This time? It’s girls who find a naked guy. Presumably, they make different choices than the guys did in the same situation, but here’s one instance where a sequel could actually help further define and illuminate the issues raised in the first film.

We checked in with multiple sources close to the film who all couldn’t comment at this time.


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