‘Punisher’ and ‘Mangler’ DVD Reviews & a word from VaporRub

Give Mr. Disgusting a break- half of you are jumping down his throat for his reviews, while others are jumping right on the bandwagon. The point is that these reviews are our reviewers opinions and just as they have their opinions, so do you- remember that. Movies aren’t math, there is no correct solution, it’s whether or not the person enjoyed the movie and got their $10 worth. You might agree, you might not- just respect others opinions and they’ll respect yours back. Now that I’m done ranting, you can read Lyle Henretty’s review of New Line Home Entertainment’s The Mangler DVD here and then read Mr. Disgusting’s review of Artisan’s The Punisher DVD here. Feel free to post your opinions below the reviews, but lets be a little more respectful of others shall we?

Source: Bloody-Disgsuting