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Blood Is Sexy: Review of The Cleaners: Absent Bodies TPB



CSI made the monotony of crime scene investigation sexy, Dexter made blood spatter analysis interesting, now comes The Cleaners which makes Trauma Scene Cleaners the new hotness. I got in a preview copy of the trade paperback that comes out next month, check after the break for my review.
CleanersTPB The Cleaners is mainly about Robert Bellarmine, who is an ex-surgeon (it’s hinted how he lost his profession, but never clear) that cleans Trauma scenes that are so gruesome to see for most but for him it’s just another workday. The way the story goes in depth about scientific knowledge on blood and disease reminds me of the dedication Chuck Palahniuk would take.
The story in all has a Dexter like feeling to it as well, where Bellarmine works on the crime scenes during the day and trys to solve the brutal murders during the night. While all this is really fun, the story doesn’t really pop until it goes into the supernatural. Yet when you’re main character is a medical genius, something supernatural is just a rare medical deformity and can easily be remedied with some bleach or some other cleaning agent.
The writing done by Mark Wheaton(new Friday the 13th) and Joshua Hale Fialkov keeps the story tight and fast. Throughout the reading I did not think anything was filler, which is much harder to find a well paced comic. The Art by Rahsan Ekedal is top notch, but it’s his panels that really impressed me. Ekedal could easily be a cinematopgraher in another life.
If you’re a fan or crime stories with a twist of supernatural and fun medical trivia, The Cleaners is a must.


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