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Website Detectives Discover ‘Super 8’ Creature Origin?

We don’t give enough credit to the people who make viral discoveries (wink, wink), so without further adieu a big thumbs up to Latino Review who observed some interesting footage hiding within, the Super 8 viral site that’s been online for over a week now.

Doing some serious detective work, the site writes: “it’s not an alien, monster or creature.

It may be an energized living object similar to the 1997’s “Flubber” with Robin Williams. We’re not saying it is a rubber-like super-bouncy substance, but it is an object.

The evidence is prevalent in the hidden images, and trailer, that can be dissected over at Latino Review. Go check it out and then return here to comment. Did they stumble onto something?

J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 arrives in theaters June 10 from Paramount Pictures.



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