‘Open Water’ Hits Theaters Today…

…and we’ve got some news and a brand spanking new review to go along with it! Yahoo! Movies has posted two featurettes for Chris Kentis’ film Open Water (review #1, #2, #3), which opened wide today. The first is called “Behind-the-Scenes: Swimming with Sharks” and the second feature is called “Behind-the-Scenes: In The Elements.” Read on for a look at Freeze Dried Movie staff member The Raven’s review…
Film Score 3/10
By: Shaun Havlin

Open Water is a movie that I have been waiting a long time for. I
watched the trailer several times, downloaded the screen saver and even
talked my friends to see it when it opens nationwide tomorrow. Not only
did I waste my time downloading software, but I have ruined my
credibility with my friends because I thought this would be a must see
movie and recommend it to them.

The movie features are two main cast members, Susan (Blanchard Ryan) and
Daniel (Daniel Travis) who are a married couple that have been leading
very busy lives. So busy in fact that they apparently have forgotten
what is most important thing in their life, each other. Once they have
found time for each other in their busy lives, they decide that a
vacation is appropriate. Once they reach their tropical paradise it
only seems to get worse. We have an attempted love making scene that
quite frankly disturbed me in ways that I am sure was not intended by
the director. As the time approaches Susan and Daniel to head into the
ocean, they keep to themselves, not interacting at all with anyone which
leaves them unmemorable to the people aboard the boat. Then through a
series of unfortunate events, we are left with the two stuck out in the
middle of the ocean to fend for themselves.

Where the problem lies with Open Water is that after these two people
realize that they are stuck out in the ocean to fend for themselves,
that is all we are left with. Nothing they can do can change their
current situation. So as distant boats pass and hours tick by, you
realize that no matter how much they swim or get pulled by the current
you realize they are stuck in the ocean and nothing they can do can
change that.

The picture of the movie is not the greatest and the quality doesn’t
really get any better till they are stuck out in the ocean, but it does
get better because from here on out the ocean is the only backdrop for
the majority of the movie. The reason behind that is because it is
filmed on the dreaded DV, and that is never a good way to create a
movie. The sound quality was also quite horrible and really didn’t
improve at all during the course of the movie. Through the majority of
the movie it sounded as if their speech and sound effects were muffled.
I even over heard a lady in the audience comment the sound needing to be
turned up.

Now don’t get me wrong, Open Water isn’t a complete wash. The fact
these two very brave actor’s risked life and limb to create this film is
a huge plus for these two. These two people are actually dumped in the
ocean for long periods of a time with no shark cage protection or
anything to separate them from sharks. The idea of the film is superb
and could have been pulled of masterfully if done differently.
Open Water has gained comparisons from Jaws to The Blair Witch Project.
While it does feel like Jaws in the way of, is the shark there or not
there, while at the same time exploring a shooting style similar to the
Blair Witch Project, but the one comparison that is fair and that is, no
matter how much suspense you created, by the time the credits have
rolled you are left with a very anti-climatic and ultimately unsatisfied

Source: Lions Gate Films