Des Moines Make Reservations for 'Zombie Burger + Drink Lab' - Bloody Disgusting
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Des Moines Make Reservations for ‘Zombie Burger + Drink Lab’



George Formaro, chef of Centro and Django, will open Zombie Burger + Drink Lab in Des Moines’ East Village, reports the local Register.

The restaurant, scheduled to open in August in the E300 Building at 300 E. Grand Ave., combines Formaro’s love of burgers and milkshakes with horror films.

We do so much serious stuff that I wanted to do something fun,” he said.

While Formaro and his partners’ other restaurants feature thick wood- and gas-grill-cooked burgers, Zombie Burger will feature what Formaro calls the “quintessential American flat burger.”

The restaurant will be divided into two halves, a quick- service portion with counter ordering and a full-service side known as the Drink Lab. The Drink Lab will feature gourmet milkshakes, with creative combinations and alcohol options.

We went back and forth on the zombie/horror aspect, but Zombie Burger just sounded like a cool place,” Formaro said. “We’ll deliver on the food side, but not as much on the visuals of zombies. More the feel of a zombie movie. Clearly you’re not going to see things that would suppress your appetite. That doesn’t work.

A+ for creativity and originality. We need more of this across the country!