‘The Ring 2′ Wraps Up Principal Photography

Well it seems that the principal photography for The Ring 2 has officially wrapped. However, there seems to be some rumors running around the set. One involves Naomi Watts (The Ring, 21 Grams) telling the producers that she has to be done filming by a certain time, and sticking to it. As well as problems with Hideo Nakata, the director of this Ring, as well as being the director of the original version. Language barriers and apparently his lack of decisiveness have slowed down production. For a ton more information on the sequel, check it out right here.
Dark Horizons reports,

Interesting rumours are swirling behind the production of the sequel to “The Ring”. The film has finally wrapped principal photography – around a week behind schedule and with Naomi Watts giving the producers an “I’ve got to be out of here by this time” style deadline. Shooting continued after Watts’ deadline (and she did leave on that date).

That’s not the end of it. Seems they are still shooting right now – pick-ups and FX work should continue for several more days. Reports from the set hold that reasons for the film going over schedule include director Hideo Nakata (who did the Japanese original) being asked to constantly change the script on the set, as well as his own language difficulties and alleged “problems with his own lack of decisiveness”.

Source: Dark Horizons