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Russell Crowe in Talks to Lead ‘The Boys’!

Director Adam McKay revealed to MTV that they have been talking to Aussie badass Russell Crowe for a role in the insanely violent comic book adaptation of The Boys. Created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, the story follows a group of CIA agents assigned to police the world’s super-powered heroes and villains. Led by the tough-as-nails Billy Butcher, the super-powered team recruits meek civilian Hughie “Wee Hughie” Campbell in the first issue after his girlfriend is killed by a superhero.

I’ve sat with some people. I really like the idea of Russell Crowe for [Billy] Butcher,” said McKay. “We met and had kind of an interesting meeting.

Alluding to Wee Hughie’s resemblance to actor Simon Pegg (Robertson has admitted modeling the character after the Shaun Of The Dead actor), McKay said the role is his for the taking: “Everyone knows Simon Pegg can take Hughie if he wants,” he said.

Superheros and epic gore, why the heck not?
Russell Crowe



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