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English-Subbed Trailer for ‘Toxic Lullaby’

Winner of the “Best international Horror Feature” at New York Independent Film Festival is Ralf Kemper’s German Toxic Lullaby, whcih we just landed the English-subbed trailer for.

It’s the story of Eloise, who wakes up in a destroyed, life-threatening world after a bad drug trip. Separated from her friends, she learns to survive in a bizarre reality. The world around her is chaotic. She learns that this situation originated in a financial crisis and the following speculations about the last food recourses – and the complete destruction of the latter. In addition, the use of biological weapons spread a virus among the human species – causing them to become dangerous mutants (sleepers).

In this desperate situation, she joins a group of people, who, like her, are motivated by the longing to flee this nightmare.



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