HOT & SEXY Famous Horror Chicks on a Calender?!

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday, a calender that’s loaded with hot sexy photos of your favorite female B-movie stars! You know you love them and you know you want them, so why not plan your day around them? Inside you’ll find the official press release for The 2005 Women in Independent Horror Calendar, which features everyone from Sheri Moon to Brinke Stevens to Lilith Stabs to even Debbie Rochon!…

For Immediate Release
August 25th, 2005
2005 Women in Independent Horror Calendar

“I often start out normal — an apparent victim — and then something happens to transform me into a villain. Like, I get possessed by demons, or go insane and become a homicidal maniac, or I get bitten and turn into a blood-sucking vampire”- Brinke Stevens, on what makes her different from other women in horror

The 2005 Women in Independent Horror Calendar is available for pre-order off of Pretty-Scary, the website for women in horror…by women in horror.
The calendar will be available for shipping Sept 1st 2004, so reserve your copy today! Calendars can be signed by the woman, or women, of your choice…The women 12.99$ for an unsigned calendar, 20.00$ for each signature requested.

Email SuperHeidi for details…

12 months of really hot, smart, intelligent and entertaining women who actually have something to say about indie filmmaking…and who are hot. Did we say hot? It’s high time that women were recognized as the important assets to independent genre film that they really are. More than just eye candy, these women make or break the industry…but who’s complaining about eye candy?

“…She could hit a high pitched scream as well as her low budget sisters could, but more importantly, well endowed or not, she was perfectly inclined to go topless. And the willingness to go topless has been the number one requirement of a working ‘Scream Queen’ since the ‘big’ 80’s.” – Debbie Rochon on ‘Scream Queens’

“If you are a female who is wanting to be a ‘Scream Queen’ or ‘Femme
Fatale’ type than you had best be sexy and appealing” – Lilith Stabs on Scream Queens

Source: Pretty-Scary