Dwight Little Talks Halloween 9, Anacondas 3 & more..

Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid (review) director Dwight Little (‘Halloween 4’) spoke to Moviehole today about the chances of a third film in the series as well as what’s on his plate, which includes talk on Halloween 9. Read on for the skinny…
Moviehole reports the following:

Little says he’ll probably leave his “Anacondas” commitment at the one, but expects Sony to get going on the third instalment soon. “I don’t know what they’ll do for that one, but I’m almost sure there will be one”.

He’s asked back each and every year, says Little, to helm a new chapter in the series – but he’s just not interested. Little directed “Halloween 4”. “Halloween 3 Season of the Witch had gone off on a really different direction, kinda putting an end to the franchise, and then about ten years later we were asked to come in and try and come up with a way to bring Michael Myers back. And then once we kicked it off with four, then it’s never stopped. Every year they come and ask me to do it. Every year I say ‘Look Halloween 4, I honestly believe I did as best as I could do’. I felt so complete about it, I just wanted to leave it alone -but they’ve gone and done another five or something anyway. They want to bring Jamie (the character in “Halloween 4”) back..

“I’ve got a pet project called The Lost Tribe, based on a Mark Lee novel. Which is about a place in Africa about the search for the Maji, a group whom is one of the lost tribes of Israel. It’s kinda of a ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ in tone and we’re just about done with the script and it’s a wonderful book.

Little says he’s circling another studio pic or two at the moment. “There’s a wonderful project called The Killing Bee at Paramount which is just a wonderful Three of the Days Condor-like political thriller”.

“A Thriller at New Line called Guilty Pleasures. They’re all (all the stuff he’s reading) really intriguing, but they need a little more work on the script. So it’s hard to go to casting until then.

Look out for the full interview at Moviehole with Little in a couple of weeks.

Source: Moviehole