Warner Bros. on a Video Game 'Rampage', Also Talks Rebooting 'Kombat' - Bloody Disgusting
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Warner Bros. on a Video Game ‘Rampage’, Also Talks Rebooting ‘Kombat’



On the eve of the massively successful “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” web series launch, Warner Bros. Pictures has starting jawing about their potential feature film remake, which was previously held up by a lawsuit (Feb. 18, 2010). Exceeding their wild expectations, WB is pairing franchise creator Ed Boon with a filmmaker to make that happen. Boon already endorsed “Legacy” director Kevin Tancharoen to helm the big studio redo, says Variety.

It’s important to have the creator of the game involved,” says Martin Tremblay, president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “This is a team effort. You’re not developing a franchise without the support of the entire organization.

Now that “Mortal Kombat” is blowing up, WB is focusing on developing more Midway games into features, such as Space Invaders and Rampage, which pits a giant Lizard, Gorilla and Wolf – Godzilla, King Kong and the Wolf Man, respectively – on unsuspecting towns, demolishing them.

How much do you (not) hope that the “Space Invaders” adaptation ends up like Disney’s 1990 Spaced Invaders (trailer below)?


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