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New ‘Teen Wolf’ TV Promo Makes Me Even More Apathetic

If the full trailer for MTV’s Teen Wolf series made you cringe, then this one is guaranteed to put you to sleep. Granted, it doesn’t show much, save for Tyler Posey (in the Michael J. Fox role) staring around the forest bewildered after a transformation, but would it kill them to throw some van surfing in there?!?

The original used Scott’s transformations as a metaphor for puberty, but this time around it’s being used as a springboard for a giant (read: they hope audiences will think it’s elaborate, but it probably won’t be) mystery rooted in the town’s secrets. I commend them for taking the remake/reboot/whatever the hell this thing turns out being in a radically different direction, but I wish they would’ve used something better as an obvious inspiration (one of the fight scenes in the full trailer looks like it was ripped right out of Twilight‘s finale, same lighting and everything).

Looks like Russell Mulcahy directed six of the upcoming season’s twelve episodes, including the pilot. My my, how far he has fallen since Razorback and Highlander… The series is set to premiere on June 5, following the MTV Movie Awards.



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