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‘Troll Hunter’ Director Andre Ovredal Updates Status of American Remake, Talks Sequel Potential

Though it was earlier reported by the LA Times that Universal had purchased the remake rights to low-budget Norwegian monster movie The Troll Hunter – which Magnet is releasing on VOD May 6th and in theaters June 10th – B-D just learned from director Andre Ovredal that the remake is in fact not set up at the studio, but is instead in the process of being snatched up by another (unspecified) company.

Inside you’ll find the news bit, with a full-blown interview forthcoming.
Actually, we’re not really talking with Universal about that,” said Ovredal. “It was kind of a discussion at the beginning of our relationship with them. But now there is another production company here that is…I hope we’re signing the contracts very soon. But that should be very exciting, they’re really a fantastic company.

As for the possibility of him directing the remake, Ovredal admitted it was unlikely at this point, though not entirely out of the question if the development process proves to be a lengthy one.

I don’t think so, because I feel like I want to expand beyond the mockumentary genre right now,” he noted. “I mean, I might revisit it later. And if it takes awhile…[and] I get to do another film in the meanwhile, maybe I’ll get back to ‘Troll Hunter’ the remake. Or if they didn’t find another director for it…I don’t know, it’s kind of a very open situation right now. But I’m definitely very…I don’t want to do another mockumentary as my next film. That’s a very important thing to me.

A sequel is also something Ovredal seemed enthusiastic about, though he noted the remake is taking precedent for now.

Eventually…[there’s] high demand in Norway for a sequel, actually. People are sending me personal Facebook messages every week saying, ‘Where is the sequel? Come on, get it out!’” he laughed, before hinting: “I think there are plenty of [troll] species we haven’t seen yet.

Sadly, he was unable to provide any more details on his rumored upcoming monster comedy with Chris Columbus – described as being in the vein of Gremlins and Men in Black – which the two are currently collaborating on the script for. It’s being looked at as a directing vehicle for Ovredal, with Columbus serving as co-writer/producer.

It’s there, and we’re working on it, and…yeah,” he said hesitantly. “We’re keeping it a little bit silent for now.



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