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Break Out The Champagne: Lionsgate Set To Distribute ‘Cabin In The Woods’ – Release Date!

Update: The Facebook page says we’ll finally see this on OCTOBER 28!

Almost two years after its original release date, Lionsgate has stepped up as the distributor of The Cabin In The Woods after MGM’s financial woes kept it from being released. No official release date has been set, but I’ll take a shot in the dark and guess October for now.

While I’m excited knowing that I’ll get to see the film a lot sooner than I thought, I’m a bit conflicted about how it’s going to be received. It definitely has geek allure – with Joss Whedon gaining more buzz than usual from his Avengers directing gig and Chris Hemsworth blowing up more and more by the day for starring role in Thor – but in a post-Scream 4 world, how well is a R-rated self-aware horror-comedy going to do?



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