First Report from Rue Morgue Festival of Fear!

Last weekend Rue Morgue Magazine had their first annual Festival of Fear convention in Toronto, Canada and from what I hear it was a total success! Reports came in that the fest was jam-packed every single day- I guess when you run a quality mag, everyone expects a quality con. Inside you’ll find a report sent in by Johnny Boy…
Amidst the singing fans, the roaring crowds, and the more-than-noticeable Cosplay addicts, was me; standing in the hour long line up to join the ranks in another, separate, and far longer queue to enter what is known as the best convention in the great white north. To many peoples enjoyment though, this years convention was also host to the first ever Festival of fear hosted by the famous Rue Morgue Magazine.

For those of you who don’t often visit Con’s in your town it is something to see. Hundreds upon thousands of fans dressed up in their favorite garb, and the multitudes of exhibitors hawking their wares, and all the while stars of a plethora of television shows and films sign merchandise (Some I must say charging inexplicable fees). Its quite the exciting atmosphere for anyone in the horror industry, or anyone who loves a cheap scare.

To my amazement some of the greats of the business are up here in Toronto, Tom Savini, Kane Hodder, (Pinhead), Leatherface , and to top it all off, the king of Zombies himself, Mr. George A. Romero. It was nice to see how many showed to the first festival of fear, and it just shows you how much dedication the talents have to their fans.

Well, here it goes, the three day extravaganza that is Rue Morgue’s Festival of Fear.


Arriving to the lineup was somewhat disappointing, however it gave us an
opportunity to talk to some of the festivals attendees. To the surprise of
myself and my group every one of three people we spoke to was there for the
Rue Mourge section. That alone says to me how symbolic this inaugural Horror
Convention is.

Our first stop took us to the booth of the festivals host. Rue Morgue
had actually done quite an incredible job on their setup. Specials on
posters and back issues littered their tables, as well as previews for the
upcoming CineMacabre Movie nights. I spoke to the Editor (Jen) who was
raving about the upcoming movie Saw (Read review here) as well as a few
others which will be playing in the Toronto International Film Festival.

After, we strolled through the isles to the Alliance Atlantis section.
They were holding trivia sessions for passes to Resident Evil and the
upcoming thriller Cellular, as well as a signed poster from the Cast of
Shaun of the Dead. Strolling along we met a few small studios, and by small
I mean small on the mainstream platform. On the underground these guys are
big! Studios like Shock-o-Rama had an actress by the name of Misty Mundae
who stars in a large portion of their movies. Also kind enough to sign
practically anything fans brought along.

On we went to a few other indy studios based in Canada. One movie in
particular Insight of Evil, we had the chance to talk to the writer/director
who explained it to be a Stir of Echoes meets Aliens style movie. Rue Morgue
reviewed it for their current issue, pick it up on news stands today! Ok,
enough Rue Morgue advertising.
So, we spoke to Andrew Bryniarski, which was sadly disappointing,
because he was oddly less pleasant than the original Leatherface in The Texas
Chainsaw Massacre.

So, after the quick run through it was time to join the ranks downstairs
to enter the screening of a new movie by the name of Dead and Breakfast.
Personally I expected a movie that was laden with pointless effects, shaudy
acting and cheesy horror moments. However I was delighted to see that this
movie was far from bad. On the cheesy side perhaps, but had some pretty
famous but the movie was like an Homage to all of the big early B movies.
Look for a review very shortly.

That was the end of an eventful day. I had the chance to also talk to a
dressed up Jason, who sadly only replied to all of my questions about the
festival with a raising of a machete. Interestingly enough on the Friday
night the Vendor selling the weaponry was arrested and had all of the
merchandise confiscated. What a pity.

Source: Johnny Boy, Rue Morgue