Ken Kirzinger on ‘Freddy vs Jason vs Ash’

Love him or hate him you better get used to him, because Ken Kirzinger confirms our report that he should retain his role as Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs Jason vs Ash (script review) should it ever get off the ground. Inside you’ll find an article, which details the openness of both Ken and Robert Englund about the project, which looks like it’s progressing quite nicely…
Philly Burbs writes, “The next battle between horror icons Freddy Kruger (Nightmare on Elm Street) and Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) will feature a nemesis who may prove a match for them both; Sam Raimi’s wisemouthed, egocentric Ash, from the “Evil Dead” series.

“They’re just crossing the Ts and dotting the Is,” said Ken Kirzinger, the current man behind the hockey mask. “New Line is excited; they think that it’ll be great to have someone who can banter with Freddy, while I stand there and just think, ‘Will you two just shut up while I kill you??!!'”

Both Kirzinger and Robert Englund confirmed the forward momentum in interviews at this weekend’s “Monster Mania” horror film convention.

Freddy has never had any real competition in the snappy patter department before and is now almost as famous for his one-liners as he is for his impressive list of kills. Ashley “Ash” Williams, portrayed by cult favorite Bruce Campbell, is perhaps the one man in the genre prepared to meet him line-for-line and blade-for-blade.

The project began as fan-inspired rumors more than two years ago, as excitement built for the first pairing of Kruger and Voorhees; after production on that film was completed, New Line production exec Jeff Katz dove into a story synopsis that apparently treats all three characters with the respect that their stars – and their fans – demand. The future of the project rode on the cooperation of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, but it seems that the major wrinkles have been ironed out and final negotiations are underway.

Earlier rumors suggest that one of the carrots dangled before Raimi was the promise that New Line would finance a fourth “Evil Dead” film after the crossover, though this remains unconfirmed. However, it seems to make financial sense to reinvigorate New Line’s horror stable, and Raimi would likely smile upon an agreement that would bring childhood friend Campbell into a new series of high-budget films in a starring role. Raimi is unlikely to direct, due to his commitments to the “Spider-Man” series, but is likely to receive a producer’s credit once the ink is dry. His longtime partner, Rob Tappert, might take a larger part of the active film production.

Source: Phillyburbs, Jasonlives1986