Update on ‘The Eye’ & ’30 Days of Night’

Sometimes when a movie is in the process of getting made, news just stops coming in or something halts the progress- for a long freaking time. That’s the case with both Cruise/Wagner’s The Eye remake and Ghost House Productions 30 Days of Night, but according to my source, things might be changing, read on for the scoop…
I received an email from someone who is 100% reliable that had heard that both movies are back on track. According to the scooper, both Steve Niles’ comic book adaptation 30 Days of Night and the remake of the Korean horror pic The Eye are both in need of a director. There was no detail on how far along scripting is, but if they’re searching for directors, then things must be rearing to go! Raimi has put ’30 Days’ back on track after finishing work on the upcoming The Grudge remake, which hits theaters October 22nd.