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Mumblecore Guru Heads to ‘Black Rock’ with Wife, Actress

Actor-director Katie Aselton (one of the best parts of “The League”) has joined the thriller Black Rock with intentions to direct, writes THR.

The film follows what happens when three childhood friends meet for a weekend getaway on an isolated island and discover that they have company.

Lake Bell (“The League”), Kate Bosworth (Strawdogs, Superman Returns), Jay Paulson (“Happy Town”), Anslem Richardson and Will Bouvier will co-star with Aselton.

I grew up watching classic suspense films and have long had the idea of making a girl-based thriller where the threat to the characters is very real, and the audience is left with the terrifying thought ‘this could happen to me,’ ” said Aselton.

Aselton’s husband Mark Duplass (Baghead, Cyrus) wrote the screenplay.
Pictured: Katie Aselton

Katie Aselton



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