Chucky Takes Out Britney Spears?!

JoBlo was lucky enough to have a scooper send in a report from The British Fright Festival this past weekend and he had some really cool things to say, especially about that ‘clip’ from Don Mancini’s Seed of Chucky that was shown! Inside you’ll find details about the clip, but it’s pretty well explained, so if you want to be surprised- skip it. The fifth ‘Child’s Play’ movie, which hits theaters November 10th, stars Brad Dourif (voice), Jennifer Tilly (voice and actress), Billy Boyd (voice), John Waters, Redman, Debbie Lee Carrington and Hannah Spearritt.
The scooper writes JoBlo the following:

Don Mancini and the editor of the film (the same guy who edited the almighty Shaun of the Dead) came straight from the editing suite to show us a couple of clips from the film. First they showed us the full length trailer, which had me laughing so hard I nearly pissed my pants. It ends with a shot of Britney Spears driving her car along the road, only to be run off by Chucky driving a Jeep, after which her car explodes and she dies, only to have John Waters playing a member of the paparazzi capturing the whole thing on film, capping the scene with the cracking line “God Bless The Little People!”. Then they showed the clip from Comic-Con with Jennifer Tilly seducing Redman while chucky jacks off in a plastic cup. Brilliant. Genius. Bring it on.

Source: JoBlo