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Cannes Art and Trailers for ‘Sweatshop,’ ‘ Descendents’ & ‘NOTLD 3D: Reanimate’

Coming from the twisted minds behind Domain of the Damned, Barricade, Closet Space, and 100 Tears is Sweatshop (review). In Stacy Davidson’s film, “a group of friends break into an abandoned factory in order to throw a impromptu party; unaware that it is not as empty as they originally believed.” Inside you’ll find the new trailer and art that’s pretty impressive. Visit the official website:

Jorge Olguin was once attached to the adaptation of Clock Tower, instead he ran off and directed Descendents (AKA Solos), a South American zombie film that is receiving a lot of hype around the web. “A mysterious contagion spreads turning humans into zombies. A handful of children are born with an immunity to the disease. One of the immune, Camille, wanders the desolate wastelands, evading zombies and armed soldiers, who are equally indiscriminate in their destruction. Camille finds other immune and with them journeys in search of an escape.” Check out art and trailer inside.

Jeff Broadstreet is back with a prequel to his horrid 2006 Night of the Living Dead 3D, hopefully a bloodier and more entertaining film. Below you’ll find the previously released sales trailer and new art for Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation, the prequel to NOTLD: 3D starring Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster) and Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator). “After inheriting the family mortuary, a pyrophobic mortician (Divoff) accidentally exposes hundreds of uncremated bodies to toxic medical waste. As the corpses re-animate, the mortician’s inheritance-seeking younger brother (Combs) unexpectedly shows up, stumbling upon a full zombie outbreak!



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