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Bloody-Disgusting reviewer/reporter Mike Pereira has just sent in part two of his coverage from Rue Morgue Magazine’s 1st annual Festival of Fear, which took place last weekend in Toronto, Canada. Inside you’ll find TONS of news about the future of all your favorite franchises courtesy of Kane Hodder, Doug Bradley, Bill Moseley and Andrew Bryniarski…
Festival of Fear Part 2
By B-D reporter: Mike Pereira


Simply put Bill Moseley rocks! The man behind the infamous Choptop of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Otis of House Of 1000 Corpses was hilarious during his panel. Moseley was down to earth throughout but in an instant his trademark character would burst out; “Wash that plate you dog-****!” The crowd ate it up. The majority of the time was spent discussing Rob Zombie’s highly anticipated sequel to HO1KC, The Devil’s Rejects.

-The Devil’s Rejects was referred to as “HO1KC meets Finding Nemo”! The shoot was complete six weeks ago in California. It’s supposedly a lot grittier and realistic. Otis’ albinism has been mysteriously cured for some reason. Plot: you already know that stuff. Moseley would love to be a fly on the wall at the MPAA screening because the film is edgy, violent and contains very little humor. There is no obvious homage in this one. It’s only a horror film in the sense that the plotline of a horror film has been carried over.

-Lion’s Gate is pushing for the film to be less of a sequel and more of a stand-alone picture. They are interested in giving the film a wide release unlike HO1KC. There is a rumor of releasing an NC-17 version in a limited run! Moseley mentioned that it would be great to have the opportunity to puke in your popcorn at the theater instead of at home. In one sequence, Otis is nailed to the chair, covered in gasoline. Tiny drags a naked woman in the mud. Otis is a lot more sadistic and perverse this time around. There is also a great deal more sex.

-Rob is not doing the soundtrack to The Devil’s Rejects. He doesn’t have the time. The film was shot in 29 days and is planned for an early January release.

-He has written a Choptop vehicle treatment. Tobe Hooper has been mentioning for like 17 years about doing one but nothing has happened as of yet.

-Moseley also wrote a screenplay titled, House Of Usher. It’s about kids on a foster farm and no, it’s not going to be a light one.

-There is a new Cornbugs CD titled, Donkey Town coming out soon. If you are not familiar with the Cornbugs it’s basically Choptop singing to Buckethead’s music. It insane but brilliant!

-If many of you were wondering what “Tiny ****ed a stump” or “Tiny was stump-broke” meant, it’s a reference to having sex with cows. You have to stand on a stump because as Moseley hilariously put it; “you don’t want her to kick”. The crowd was hysterically laughing at this point of the panel.

-There are NO missing scenes or hidden director’s cut to HO1KC out there. Since Otis conducts most of the blood work, Moseley would have known about it. The uncut version would only be a little longer like Baby stabbing the girl a few extras times. They might do a new cut in the future on DVD but Rob would have to go back and recut and rescore the whole film in order to make it all possible.

-The girls inside the cage in Tiny’s room from HO1KC are called the “devil’s dolls”. They are Tiny’s play things. He locks them in the cage and they’d starve. So that’s why they attack the girl. That would’ve been her fate.

-Tobe Hooper’s son William Tony Hooper shot a film called The All American Massacre 5 or 6 years ago with Moseley. It was a demo that would show off Tony’s computer graphic skills. The plot centered around Choptop ten years later. The plate was bigger. He is in a mental penitentiary and does an interview with a Geraldo-type film crew. The film was a sequel that would go into a flashback to a prequel. It shows Choptop with his brother, the hitchhiker before he goes to Vietnam. Buckethead played Leatherface in a fat suit. The film was originally 10 minutes then quickly evolved into a 50 minute picture. Moseley has no idea if it’ll ever see the light of day. It was never finished. The trailer was supposedly really cool.

-Moseley plays Possum in Carnivàle. He was in seven episodes last year. He is back in one episode this season.

-Bill was hired as Choptop on the basis of a short video that he made titled, Texas Chainsaw Manicure in which he licks real headcheese. Nasty!

-Moseley teased the audience with a possible spoiler pertaining a connection between Captain Spalding and Baby that will be revealed in The Devil’s Rejects. Man I cannot wait!


I have to honestly say I had the lowest expectations towards this Q & A session but ended up being pleasantly surprised. In fact, this was one of the most entertaining and informative. Doug Bradley is not only smart but very humorous.

-The 7th and 8th sequels to Hellraiser, Deader and Hellworld were completed at the end of September and December 2002. Bradley looped the movie early summer of last year. They were shot back to back in Romania. He saw a more or less finished cut of Deader and felt it looked pretty good. He hasn’t seen Hellworld but heard positive things about it. No one has any idea when these films will see the light of day. Deader was suppose to be released on Halloween last year and Hellworld was to release spring of this year. As Dimension’s useless website is concerned, the films do not exist.

-Lance Henriksen stars in part 8 and Bradley really loved working with him. It was revealed that Henriksen was very close to playing the character of Larry in the first Hellraiser.

-Hellraiser: Inferno sucked in his opinion and it’s not because he is hardly in it. Bradley was initially excited because it was fresh departure from the series. He felt after the first murder you knew the whole back-story so you don’t need it explained. It also suffered the misfortune of having a central character that was really unsympathetic. You never cared if he got killed off. It poorly tried to weave the Hellraiser mythology. The director gladly let Bradley rewrite his stuff in the climax in order to bring some of that flavor back but even he couldn’t get away from Pinhead’s moralistic tone in the Inferno. Pinhead is no moralizer. Bradley felt Hellseeker was a return to form though.

-Bradley wishes that someone would go back to the heart of the whole thing. For example, the stuff that was explored in Hellbound about exactly what hell is and what is going on down there. Bradley hopes a sequel would head towards the twisted heart of darkness that is Pinhead.

-Bradley still enjoys playing Pinhead very much.

-Clive Barker is writing a new novella that kills off Pinhead. Bradley has no problem with the idea. He felt if anyone should write the demise of Pinhead, it should be his creator. It would be a perfect bookend to the series. It wouldn’t affect the films outcome since Barker only holds the literary rights.

-They have talked about recasting the role of Pinhead with almost every single sequel.

-There were rumors that Robert England and Bradley hated each other and had a battle about who was the bigger horror icon. It was so far removed from the truth. He had a great time working with England during the making of Killer Tongue.

-Bradley despises remakes. He would personally storm the soundstages if a remake of the Bride Of Frankenstein ever happened. It’s his favorite horror movie. Other notable favorites are Night Of The Demon, Frankenstein, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Howling and The Shining except for the last half hour when Jack goes nuts. The 1961 film titled The Innocents was the first film to scare him.

-According to Bradley, there was a director’s cut of Nightbreed that was an absolutely faithful adaptation of Barker’s novel, Cabal but it is not likely to release in the near future. Clive was looking into releasing it but the studio won’t let him do it. Supposedly they changed the structure. Cronenberg’s character was never meant to be at the heart of the story. He was a kick start to the plot. Bradley felt that it was a romance between a girl and a dead guy and not really a horror film. He associated it with Fellini’s Satyricon. The studio couldn’t grasp the concept that the monsters were the good guys so they reshot footage to beef up the aggressiveness and violence. They also marketed the film as a slasher film!? They dubbed another voice over Bradley’s in Nightbreed. Doug Bradley was clearly upset by the studios interference and doesn’t understand why anyone cannot let filmmakers create their vision and just accept it. The audience responded to Bradley’s passionate plea with a very loud applause of approval. A definite convention highlight!

-After all the bad experiences, Barker wants to do films outside of the studio system. He is writing a second draft for Tortured Souls for Universal but if they want changes then they could do it themselves. Right on!

-The Hellraiser and Halloween crossover was going to have Barker write the screenplay and John Carpenter direct it! Dimension supposedly turned down two crossover pictures because they felt it was a silly idea and said that Freddy Vs. Jason would bomb. But once it was a monster hit, they immediately hopped on the bandwagon. But surprisingly Halloween “pimp” aka executive producer Moustapha Akkad didn’t want the movie made so that killed the production dead on its tracks. Now if only he’d realize how he has “whored” the franchise way past it’s expiration date. The series should have been done after Halloween: H20 gave the series perfect closure. Bradley was not a fan of Freddy Vs. Jason but thought that their climatic battle was great fun. He hates Friday’s moralistic tone like “if you have sex, you will die”. He would be interested in the merging of the worlds and mythologies in which all of these different places existed within the same map. He was fascinated to see what Clive would have done with it.


Kane Hodder’s panel was a perfect way to end the Festival Of Fear. It was just flat-out fun from start to finish. It is very clear that Kane loves what he does. He is also extremely fond of Jason Voorhees, the character that he so flawless played in Friday The 13th parts 7, 8, 9 and 10. Hodder was clearly hurt when he was passed over as the character in Freddy Vs. Jason. But he made it very clear throughout Q & A that he would do anything to put that infamous hockey mask on again. Come on New Line; give Hodder and the fans what they want!

-He was the stunt coordinator for The Devil’s Rejects. Kane was a fan of HO1KC. He is convinced that the sequel will be so much better. They took the time to make the stunts even more believable. One of the stuntmen got a slightly padded 2X4 swung with full force to the back of the head. It just about knocked him out but it came out extremely well. He always wants the most realistic effects possible.

-Hodder is in this season’s premiere of Alias in which he got to chase down Jennifer Garner in the opening scene.

-He was also on an episode of Charmed as a guy with a hockey mask, armed with a chainsaw!

-Kane is trying to convince Akkad to give him the role of Michael Myers for the next Halloween! He feels he could bring something different to the character. Plus he wants to add to his kill list which is now up to a whopping 211! Now that would definitely be a reason to endure another sequel!

-Hodder has not only played Jason but was also the Leatherface stunt double in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3. He was onscreen for about half the movie. Hodder was also Freddy in Jason Goes To Hell in the climatic shot of the glove popping out from the ground. Michael Myers is the only left to play.

-His favorite kill was the sleeping bag being smashed onto the ground in Jason X. They tried to get Betsy Palmer who played Mrs. Pamela Voorhees for that scene.

-He is involved in the upcoming Friday The 13th box set and Crystal Lake Memories book. He believes that the book will be the best attempt at documenting the series.

-He has “Kill” tattooed in his mouth on the bottom lip! He showed it to the audience.

-Friday The 13th: The New Blood was his favorite film and look from the series.

-Hodder would do a Jason Vs. Ash film but doesn’t know how the fight would go since Ash is human.

-In The Devil’s Rejects, Kane put in some inside jokes on the wall in Otis’ bedroom. Keep an eye out for it! He also has a cameo in the film but it’ll be a very valuable piece of trivia. It won’t be obvious.

-He was rooting for Freddy since he was so upset he didn’t get to reprise Jason. It was a hard film for him to sit through. Hodder said that Ken Kirzinger was not terrible but felt he didn’t add as much to the role as he felt he would have. Kane personally feels that they replaced him because the studio felt that no one would care who was behind the mask and also that the director wanted to do something different. There is no truth to the rumor in which he was asking for too much money because the conversations never got to that point. Another false rumor was that Hodder was difficult on the set because he would never do anything to purposely jeopardize him from returning as the character.

-There are talks about a new Friday The 13th television series that would have Jason pop in sporadically throughout the season. Hodder felt it couldn’t be any worse than the old series that had nothing to do with the films. It was as ridiculous as not having Myers in Halloween 3.

-Kane brought up an interesting tidbit; why has New Line never been able to use the Friday The 13th name in any of their sequels? Never thought of that.

-Hodder’s wall is decorated with Jason’s hockey mask he wore predominantly during each of the shoots even the Uber-Jason. Cool!

-His upcoming projects are Hatchet and Backwater in which the latter is being directed by the guy behind I Know What You Did Last Summer and D-Tox. Oh-Uh!

-A potentially cool project Hodder is working on is the Last Horror Picture Show with Robert England and Gunner Hanson. It hasn’t been fully funded as of yet.

-If there is anyone he would like to face off against it would be Regan from The Exorcist. It’s his favorite horror film.


Unfortunately Mr. Bryniarski did not get his own panel in which I believe would have been terrific. Andrew is one of the most approachable people I have ever had to pleasure to have met. You quickly forget that you are chatting with the guy who not only kicked major ass as Leatherface in the surprisingly good remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre but has also worked with directors such as Oliver Stone, Tim Burton, Michael Bay and John McTiernan. The moment I mentioned that I was representing Bloody Disgusting, the man quickly greeted me with open arms. He loves the site! Andrew quickly suggested that we do an interview before the weekend was out which I quickly responded yes. I got to interview him on the last day of the convention and he was a lot of fun to hang out with. Despite being obviously exhausted, he gave Bloody Disgusting all he had. I found him to be energetic, grounded and smart.

-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake will begin shooting in 2005 and it’ll be released in 2006. He hasn’t read a completed script as of yet. No director is on board. There is no word if the remake’s director Marcus Nispel will return. He is supposedly busy with other projects but don’t count him out just yet. Andrew is not comfortable without Marcus but has faith that producer Michael Bay will find a hot new director if in fact Nispel won’t return. The screenwriter who is doing the latest rewrite for Bay’s remake of Amityville Horror is working on the prequel’s script. The film goes 4 years back and focus’ on two Vietnam soldiers that are brothers returning home. Remember that there were 33 murders that Leatherface committed and we only saw 5 to date. This prequel could get pretty gruesome.

-Andrew felt that he could improve on the character of Leatherface despite the high bar that Gunner Hanson set in the original. He wouldn’t have done it otherwise. Andrew strove to make the character “bigger, faster, stronger, more aggressive, really evil and downright nasty”. He feels that the character at one point in his life might have been nice but because of the emotions and situations he went through growing up, he just simply stopped caring and feeling. Leatherface enjoys the revenge because he was driven to what he became. Going after people is his redemption in his own twisted sort of way. Like all great villains, he never feels that he did anything wrong. Andrew told us that: “You couldn’t interview Leatherface without getting your head cut off. The world wouldn’t know if he doesn’t tell Bloody Disgusting’s readers”.

-Bryniarski is producing two horror films. One of them is called Bloodline: The Legend of El Charro in which Andrew stars. Lemmy from Motorhead has a role in it as well. It hasn’t been acquired by any studio as of yet so stay tuned. Andrew is also producing the soundtrack. Nick Thompson from Slipknot and some other artists who were part of Ozzfest are participating as well. It should be completed by the end of October in order to help get the film financed.

-For all you metal fans, Andrew Bryniarski has just recently joined Zakk Wylde’s band Black Label Society. He will be the guitarist/vocalist. They’ll be working together sometime in September.

At this point during the interview, the power suddenly went off and would stay that way until the interview was done. But that didn’t stop us one bit. Kane Hodder looks right at Andrew Bryniarski and points his machete right at him. No joke! Where’s the camera when you need it?!

-New Line spoke to Andrew about doing Jason in Freddy Vs. Jason but the blue eyes didn’t work for them. They also were looking for a guy with sensitive eyes. As Kane Hodder perfectly put it, “he’s only got one eye”. But he did feel that Ken Kirzinger did a good job though.

-When asked about a possible battle with Leatherface Vs. Jason or Freddy, Andrew quickly shot down the possibility. Michael Bay made it very clear that he wanted the franchise to never get silly. It must be presented straight at all times. Andrew also said that he doesn’t want to “ruin the franchise again they resurrected from an early grave by incompetent filmmakers who didn’t care, had no passion and didn’t get it. I am a fan first and foremost”.

-Andrew thought it was “bloody disgusting” at the Teen Choice Awards that someone else dressed up as Leatherface and accepted his award.

-He got Tobe Hooper’s approval after the world premiere. Gunner Hansen didn’t like some of the stuff in the script by enjoyed Andrew’s portrayal of Leatherface.

-Andrew is packed with wild and passionate quotes like: “If I don’t do it well then what business do I have in my business. If I have 6 bullets, I’ve got to hit you between the eyes with my 6 bullets or who’s going to remember 6 bullets; Those people who saw those 6 guys go down”.

What can I say? Rue Morgue’s Festival Of Fear was a smashing success and it was their first crack at a convention. Just imagine how much better it’ll be next year?! Kudos to Rue Morgue. You folks rule! What could possibly be cooler than hanging out with fellow horror fans that are equally passionate about the genre as you are, as well as listening to your inspirations talk about their experiences in bringing your favorite films to life? Absolutely nothing.

Source: Rue Morgue, Mike Pereira