Mr. Disgusting Gets Ready for an Undead Tattoo

I know this is off subject- or is it? I was walking down Hollywood Blvd in California when my friend and I came to this tattoo shop named Kayden Creations that had some of the most kick ass original art I’ve ever seen in a store of that nature. As my interest continued to grow, I found out that these talented artists would draw up anything you want and work with you until you found a custom image you were happy with before you got the tattoo- no more picking crap off the wall! Anyways, I’m browsing through their portfolios and I come across this awesome zombie picture (pic inside) that just got me inspired to want to fork out the cash and get a zombie tattoo. So now it’s happening and I want to take you guys through the progress to show you guys how awesome this place is- especially for horror fans. Read on for more.

This is the tattoo by Andy, which got me inspired to want a zombie tattoo. You can check out tons more over at their website Kayden Creations. Scroll down for part 1 of my tattoo and feel free to talk about your tattoos or show them off here.

So I told Andy what I wanted and he drew up a few quick sketches for me. The following is a total rough drawing, which will be extremely detailed next week when I pop back in. It’s Mr. Zombie chomping off a chunk of flesh, which will soon be mine. I think hes going to be on the side of my calf chewing the back of my leg- YUMMY! Check back next Monday for part 2 and see how good these guys really are!

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Source: Kayden Creations