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Non-News Of The Day: ‘Vlad’ Director Excited About His Own Film

All has been quiet on Summit’s Vlad – which was in development before the studio’s public announcement in late 2009 – until today, when MTV published information from an interview they conducted with director Anthony Mandler last week.

Recently signing onto Die In A Gunfight, the music video helmer said that he is “deep into ‘Vlad,’ the origin story of Dracula… I think kind of shortly things are going to start unfolding.” He also added that he “[has] a rewrite that the story loves (?) and we’re optimistic as to our casting. I can’t talk about that yet.

An informal announcement about making an announcement. Incredible.

Zac Efron has been cast in Die In A Gunfight, leading some to believe that the up-and-comer (who I spotted in an episode of Firefly yesterday) might have a part in Vlad after Mandler compared the future of the star’s career to that of Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp’s. Only time will tell.



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