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[Top 10] Candlelight Red Share Their Favorite Horror-Themed Video Games


If you’ve ever thought about bands that tour constantly, you probably ask yourself what they do when they’re on the road, right? I mean, they only play for an hour, maybe two a night. So what is the rest of the day filled with? Well, Candlelight Red are opening up about one of their favorite past times: horror-themed video games! Below you can check out their Top 10 Horror-Themed Video Games, which includes some of my personal favorites! Good picks guys!
Candlelight Red released their debut album, The Wreckage, last September. Their current single Closer flirted with the Top 40 on the active hard rock chart.

From Candlelight Red:
The band has a lot of fav games that feature horror, blood guts and violence! haha!
I mean, what else are you going to do on the road?
Here are some of Ryan and Jeremy’s fav games and some that are popular with our crew as well.
1. Call of Duty – Nazi Zombies!
Ok, so I know that COD is not typically considered horror but the Zombie level found on Black Ops and some of the other versions seems to never leave the PS3 on the bus! It’s a quick and easy game, whether you have a few mins to kill or a few hours. There is always time to kill a few Zombies! It’s very reminiscent of playing “House of the Dead” in arcades and is a band fav!
2. Silent Hill
I have played almost all of the versions of this and most recently “Homecoming”. I gotta get the new one! It’s a great suspenseful game and  really drops you in, even if it’s all a bit repetitive. The vibe of the setting was inspired by the PA town “Centralia” which is only minutes from where I live! Read about it here.
3. Fallout: New Vegas
Loved the last two Fallout games! New Vegas is nothing really new but still a favorite.
Love the way it has combined so many game elements. You can go and hunt Ghouls (or what most consider Zombies) to get money to advance yourself in the game, which is probably the creepiest part of the game. This is my most addictive game recently!
4. Condemned 2: Bloodshot
Ever have one of those games you can’t seem to stop playing until you beat it?
Well, this was one of those for sure!
5.Resistance: Fall of Man
I like games that combine genres and this is another one that combines war elements with sci fi and creepiness. Loved it!
6. Resident Evil
All of them! Kinda started the whole horror/fps thing in many ways. Can’t forget Resident Evil!
7. Dante’s Inferno
I want to put in my vote for this one, not because it’s one of the greatest games, but more so because I like the creativity behind it. A Horror game based on Dante’s vision of Hell? What could be more metal than that?
But still I think it could have been better with such a great idea for a game.
8. Batman: Arkham Asylum
I just have to admit I’m a big fan of the last two movies and this new, darker take on the comic book character. And this game is no disappointment in that respect either. It’s a great game even if you;’re not a fan!
9. Halo
I’m not sure if this is technically Horror, but it was groundbreaking and still a great blood and guts shooter!
10. Killzone 2 
A lot like Condemned in many ways. A great shooter, lots of blood and story keeps you wanting to beat the game!
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