Spoilers! Major 'Super 8' Clues Revealed in Editing Room - Bloody Disgusting!

Spoilers! Major ‘Super 8’ Clues Revealed in Editing Room

Spoiler Warning: Over at the official website for J.J. Abrams’ Super 8, Paramount Pictures continues to unlock new microclips in the editing room that can be played together to reveal a long military debriefing. There are still a ton of missing clips that will be unlocked leading up to the June 10 release, yet there are some pretty heavy clues hiding within. One such clue would be the half-second reference to “craft exposure“, while the other would be the mass of footage featuring the mysterious “cubes” (discovered in early trailers and within the film strip frames; pictured below) acting all strange.

What does it all mean? Do you guys have any guesses?