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‘Ace the Zombie’ Fights for Rights of the Undead Americans



A teaser trailer has been released for The DeVille’s zombedy Ace the Zombie, which stars Mark Drum, Sarah Simmons Turner, Toryah Pugh, Brandon S. N. Butler, Daniel Diaz, Jevocas Green, David Haddad, John Johnson and Mike Yow.

You’ll also find more info at the official website, Facebook and blog.

Allen Christopher Edwards, Ace to his friends, is a great guy but a total pushover. Everyone takes advantage of him from his boss and coworkers to his girlfriend Brenda. He gains newfound confidence when he is bitten and becomes a zombie. But Keeper Ellis, head of the Zombie Control Force has a secret plan to destroy all zombies. Ace must now fight for the lives of all Undead Americans as he matches wits with the evil Keeper Ellis.


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