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BD Review: The Return of Authentic Spielberg in ‘Super 8’!

Whether it’s a reflection of my age or just the quality of films today, I rarely watch a (modern) movie more than once. That’s the strength of J.J. Abrams’ captivating Super 8, his sci-fi thriller that has literally left me thinking about it days after. In fact, June 10th can’t come soon enough as a second viewing is definitely in store — sh*t, I may even buy it when it arrives on Blu-ray. That, my dear readers, is just shocking…

” ‘Super 8’ can be simplified as ‘E.T.’ meets ‘Cloverfield’… [it] truly is the beginning and the end of summer blockbusters. In fact, this is THE summer blockbuster of 1986. If Abrams’ flick came out in the `80s, it would be the sole movie that everyone was in line for…”

Click the title for the entire review and check back here next week to write your own. Am I lost in nostalgia and being too kind, or did Paramount just unload a potential modern masterpiece? I can’t wait for your thoughts!

“What is the #Super8Secret?”

Super 8



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