Some Serious ‘Godzilla’ Spoilers

Ok, I will admit that while I do not pay that much attention to Godzilla, I can’t help but watch one if one pops up while searching the idiot box. However, if the news below is true, it is very disturbing as I am sure there are a ton of horror fans out there that love them some Godzilla. So before I let you go on, I must warn you that the following news article contains SPOILERS, and I am talking major spoilers. You have been warned.
Monster Zero discusses some huge spoilers below,

EIJING, May 1 (Xinhuanet) — Godzilla is finally going to die – honest. And it’s going to happen in Shanghai.

Japan’s Toho Pictures is already filming the final Godzilla flick for the legendary monster’s 50th anniversary on the big screen.

In “Godzilla: Final Wars,” the fictitious green monster that wreaked chaos around the world will lose his final battle to a fire dragon and die by the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Pudong.

The filming of local scenes will last about four days in the city’s Chedun film studio.

Director Ryuhei Kitamura and some of the cast are scheduled to be in the city at the end of this month to complete the shots.

The film’s plot could be described, kindly, as uncomplicated. Godzilla’s child is killed accidentally by humans, which drives the monster crazy. The reptile-like creature then goes on a massive rampage around the world, according to a local film import company that will assist in the shooting of the local parts.

After several rounds of epic encounters, Godzilla faces the fire dragon. The final battle is set to happen on the Bund.

Godzilla’s fury will not be contained to Shanghai however. He will also smash, bash and crash his way through the United States, France, Australia and other countries.

Nearly 300 extras will be hired locally for the final scenes.

Cast shots will be completed mainly inside the studio while computer technology will be used to synchronize outdoor filming of the Bund and the Pearl Tower.

Representative buildings and scenic spots will be shot on location. Kitamura has also confirmed that the Eiffel Tower in France will be one of the locations for a separate scene.

The movie is now being filmed by several teams at the same time in different countries. The Japanese premiere is scheduled for December 11.

The local film import company’s management said they are interested in introducing the movie to the city’s cinemas.

Toho Pictures has produced 22 movies starring Godzilla since 1954. Hollywood also paid the company to produce its version in 1998.

Kitamura, 35, is a rising director famous for glamorous fighting scenes in cult films.

The young director has won world acclaim for his 2003 production, “Azumi,” a comic book movie, which is considered the Asian counterpart of American director Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” films.

Source: Monster Zero