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Problems Surround ‘Creature’ Feature

Update: This is for the long, long, looooong delayed previously titled ‘Blood is Blood’ and ‘Lockjaw’. I believe my assertions were correct.

A trailer has been released for Fred Andrews’ Creature, but there’s “trouble” written all over it. On the official website it notes that the film comes from “Bubble Factory,” a company known for buying broken and unfinished films and getting it completed. I think “polishing a turd” is the saying? Second, they CLAIM the film opens on 1,500 screens September 9 (always a load of bullsh*t). Lastly, the new trailer below features a slew of hype quotes from… from… I have no freakin’ idea.

Still the movie looks entertaining and I’m willing to give it a shot. I can’t wait to see it when it opens in every theater across the country… (I’ll believe it when I see it)

Promising a week of fun and relaxation, a group of six friend’s head out on a road trip to New Orleans.

When the group decides to stop at a roadside tourist trap along the Louisiana back-roads, they are introduced to the legend of Lockjaw, the local’s version of bigfoot, a Creature who is part man, part alligator…The Legend has it that an inbred local man by the name of Grimley, lost his family to a monstrous white alligator and was driven to madness when he realized that he was too late to save his pregnant bride who was also his sister, and in his madness ate the ancient alligator and was transformed into the Creature that the locals call Lockjaw.

Their curiosity peaked, the group decides to head deeper into the swamps to check out the birthplace of this Creature legend. As they journey further into the backwoods the group arrives at an old dilapidated cabin and decide to camp there for the night. They set up and unwind around a campfire, unaware that they are being watched…

Very soon an innocent road trip to New Orleans becomes a nightmarish and brutal fight for survival deep in the swamplands of the Louisiana Bayou…



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