‘Resident Evil’ Star Speaks About Stunts

Ok so what if Milla Jovovich is admired by millions of guys around the world, I am sure she will pick up a few more fans after reading about her doing all of her stunt work. Seems the Resident Evil star is all about some martial arts and a little weapon action on a side. Now granted seeing Milla in the latest addition of Maxim has changed my opinion on her quite drastically, for the positive, it doesn’t mean anything until she starts showing off her new skills and demonstrating them on a certain director, who shall remain nameless.
The Sci-Fi Wire reports,

Milla Jovovich, who reprises the role of Alice in the upcoming zombie sequel film Resident Evil: Apocalypse, told SCI FI Wire that she performed many of her own fights in the film, using a wide range of martial arts and weapons. “We wanted to focus on more like high-impact martial arts, so you know tae kwon do was a major element of that,” Jovovich said in an interview. “Because in the first movie, Alice’s big kick to the dog was like what people really loved, we wanted to take advantage of that and really have her lay down some great kicks.”

In addition, Jovovich said she studied Filipino kali, a form of stick fighting, as well as capoeira, a Brazilian martial art characterized by sweeping movements and high kicks. “Just to put a little flavor in there and also because [director] Alexander Witt is from Argentina, he said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to put some capoeira into it?'” she said. She added: “In the graveyard sequence, when you see her kind of flipping from one place to the next, … she’s like using capoeira moves. So it was quite a lot of different stuff.”

But that wasn’t the hard stuff, Jovovich said. The most difficult thing was running down the vertical face of a five-story building, suspended only by a single wire. “The martial arts I love, because it’s something I love to do anyway in my life,” she said. “You know, I prefer martial arts to the gym any day of the week … because that stuff is fun for me. The scariest part was dealing with certain fears that I’ve had since I was a kid. Like a fear of heights and fear of small places. So when I had to like scale down a five-story building, I was like, ‘Oh, my God.’ It was probably like 6 a.m., negative 7 below [zero] in Toronto in the winter. I’m like hanging there [on a wire] at 6 a.m. going, ‘Oh, my God. What did I get myself into?’

Source: The Sci-Fi Wire