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Preview: Supernatural Beginning’s End #1

The Winchester brothers have seen it all. They’ve gone toe to toe with hellhounds, come within a tooths length of being vampire food, torched wendigos, and in Dean’s case, been to hell and back. But before all that the Winchesters had some much more ‘normal’ problems to deal with. Well, as normal as things get for the family of hunters, and in SUPERNATURAL BEGINNINGS END we are let in on some family secrets fans have been dying to hear for almost 5 seasons, 3 novels, and 3 comic arcs.

“Picking up several years after the hit RISING SON miniseries, the Winchester clan find themselves in the strangest situation imaginable – monster hunting in the Big Apple! The definitive events that led to Sam leaving his family to attend Stanford, this gripping and horrifying story, courtesy of television series writers Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin, will explore the raw nerves of what makes the Winchesters unique and volatile.”

For fans of the show (like myself) this arc sounds like just the thing we’ve been waiting for. With the series reportedly at its planned end according to several reports, these are just the types of loose ends we need tied up. The fallout between Sam and his father has been a key plotpoint since season 1, but never has it been revealed what went on between the two so this should prove to be a pivotal arc for the ongoing series from Wildstorm.

Supernatural Beginnings End #1 hits store shelves January 20th 2010.



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