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‘Prometheus’ Non-News From Creature Designer

At this point, I’m pretty sure even JJ Abrams is jealous of how mysterious Ridley Scott’s upcoming Prometheus has been kept. Alien prequel or not, it’s exciting to see him return to the sci-fi/horror genre and the veil of secrecy is appreciated – by me, at least.

MTV recently caught up with creature designer Neville Page, who dished out some non-news about the much-anticipated film. His approach to working on the practical effects and design “is nervous. I approach Ridley with great nervous energy because it is such an undertaking. [‘Alien’] was the movie that inspired everything for me, not just creature design, but filmmaking in general,” he said. “It is a huge undertaking to try and take it to the next level; to make Ridley proud, to make [H.R.] Giger proud, there’s a lot involved with that.

One thing that has plagued the Alien films since the third entry is the use of CGI vs. practical creatures. When asked about the balance between the two, Page said “I don’t know, I can only assume that it’s going to be like with [‘Green Lantern’]. [We’ll] use whatever it takes to make it look as good as it needs to look.

Look for Prometheus, starring Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender and Guy Pearce, on June 8, 2012.



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