More ‘Cursed’ Shoots- Old Footage Becomes ‘Cursed 2’?!

Now here’s something that’s beginning to sound like a new trend- shoot an awful movie, then re-shoot it, then release the new one and then profit off of the crappy version. Well now that Morgan Creek and Warner Bros. are thinking about doing it for ‘Exorcist: The Beginning’ (story here), it sounds like Wes Craven might pull the same deal with his upcoming Werewolf movie Cursed. Read on for this interesting and yet disturbing scoop…
Moviehole writes:

Craven for Wes Craven’s newie? Well, you’ll have to wait for it a little longer – word is more reshoots start on the film this week.

All the cast have to be reassembled to reshoot the finale, which has to be tweaked
apparently. Funnily enough, lead star Christina Ricci has lost a considerable amount of weight since the film first started up – and now she’s as thin as a wafer. Doesn’t help that she’s also cut her hair in recent times. But nothing that can’t be fixed in Post.

Also on the film, word is they’re going to use all those deleted scenes (i.e scenes that were shot for the first version of the film) for a sequel – I kid you not. “Cursed 2” is rumoured to be cut stuff from the first film with a little bit of new stuff mixed in.

Source: Moviehole