‘Pumpkinhead’ Making a Sweet Sweet Return?

Out of all the posters I’ve seen in my life, Stan Winston’s ‘Pumkinhead’ poster is the one that always stuck in my head as a kid- I just couldn’t wait to see the flick. Years later, it’s still one of my favorite 80′s flicks, especially since FX genius Stan Winston was behind it. Well here we are years later and we’re talking about Pumpkinhead 3, with Winston involved! Read on for the scoop…
Dread Central writes:

Could a new misguided soul seeking revenge be calling up the demon once more for a third film? It looks like it. A reader recently pointed our attention in the direction of a website for a production company called Echelon Entertainment. Under their “in development/pre-sales” category Pumpkinhead III is listed with a $15 million budget and the original 1989 film’s director Stan Winston and producer Bill Blake are cited as returning to the series…

…Dread Central did some digging around and talked to one source who wished to remain anonymous and tells us Echelon’s listing is indeed the real deal. Winston and Blake are eyeing to resurrect Pumpkinhead, at the moment though, it’s just a matter of when and finalizing . In essence, the demon is standing on shaky ground that could fall out from under him at any moment. But keep your fingers crossed that the project fully stabilizes.”

Source: Dread Central