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Note From the Editor: San Diego Comic-Con 2011

The San Diego Comic-Con is upon us, and it’s quickly taking over the Web.

Bloody Disgusting will be on hand ripping up the event from July 21-24, keeping you up to the minute with new art, interviews and breaking stories. We were one of the first to do it, and we’re also going to be the last…

We understand that a lot of you aren’t going to be going – as it does take place in San Diego – so much like last year we won’t be punching you in the nose and assaulting you with 400 stories about each announced panel. Instead we’ll be breaking the BIG reveals (like movie premieres), along with FULL breakdowns of what will be happening each and every night once the Comic-Con gets everything lined up.

Watch this spot for pure insanity July 21-24.



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