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‘Blair Witch Director’ Hoping to Prove Bigfoot ‘Exists’



Of the two Blair Witch Project directors, I’d like to say Eduardo Sanchez has made the better films in his career. One of the most underrated direct-to-disc titles is his humans abduct an alien horror Altered.

Next up for Sanchez is a hunt for Bigfoot in Exists, which begins lensing this October from Haxan Films and Amber Entertainment, reports Variety.

Exists, written by Jamie Nash and Sanchez, “follows a group of twentysomethings who take a trip to a cabin deep in the wooded wilderness and are methodically hunted by a Bigfoot-like beast.

The film is the first in a trilogy exploring and reinventing the Bigfoot myth,” Sanchez said. “We all remember the terror of watching such classics as ‘The Legend of Boggy Creek,’ and I look forward to making Bigfoot scary again.

Weta Workshop and Spectral Motion are collaborating with the production team on the design and build of the monster, to be portrayed by Brian Steele (Hellboy, Predators, Underworld). The film will be shot outside Austin, Texas, at Spiderwood Studios, and casting will begin in August with a focus on unknown actors.

Haxan and Amber are in post on The Possession, also directed by Sanchez, as the first film in the multipic pact formed by Haxan and Amber last year.Indie horror sensation The Blair Witch Project took in more than $140 million domestically in 1999 thanks to a variety of viral marketing campaigns. The film grossed $250 million worldwide.


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