Horror Screenwriters- Here’s Your Chance to Get Noticed!

Are you sick of all the politics, rules and obstacles in the entertainment business? Of the frustrations of making contacts, begging people to read and seriously consider your work? So is Pretty Disgusting, LLC, a newly formed Los Angeles based production company specializing in genre films. They can break the studio system, and intend to bring a few lucky individuals – or should we say “gifted” individuals – with them. They understand that there are talented screenwriters out there who are not a part of Hollywood’s “exclusive” inside club. Their goal is to find talented individuals who have not yet had their scripts read or even glanced at by Hollywood, and take them to the next level. They want to see your concept, read your script, and maybe even make your movie! So quit sitting around and head on over to Pretty-Disgusting to find out how to submit your scripts.

Source: Pretty-Disgusting