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Staged ‘Murder’ Gets Comically Real

Multi-award winning Spanish writer-director Daniel Monzón has revealed further details of his new projects to follow his hit Cell 211, reports Screen Daily.

Monzón and Cell 211 writer Jorge Guerricaechevarría have completed an original English-language screenplay called Murder Weekend, which promises to be far lighter in tone than Cell 211.

It’s a comedy-thriller “about a group of struggling actors who make ends meet by participating in staged “murder weekends” for crime enthusiasts. The hitch comes when they have to deal with a real corpse.

The film is being set up as a coproduction between Spain, the UK and the US. Monzón is hoping to assemble a top-notch British ensemble cast.

Cell 211 is released in the UK by Optimum Releasing on July 15.



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