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FrightFest/Fantasia ’11: Have Breakfast With ‘The Theater Bizarre’



Playing at both the upcoming Fantasia Film Festival and the Film4 FrightFest is Severin’s new horror anthology The Theater Bizarre!

On the subject of Canada’s esteemed horror film culture, Fantasia will be the site of the world premiere of the partially-made-in-Quebec (as well as the USA, the UK, Germany and France) anthology film, THE THEATRE BIZARRE (read our set visit). One of the most hotly anticipated genre films of 2011, Theater showcases the combined talents of some of the world’s most exciting and iconoclastic fantastic film figures: Richard Stanley (Hardware, Dust Devil), Karim Hussain (Subconcious Cruelty, cinematographer of Hobo With a Shotgun), Douglas Buck (Sisters, Cutting Moments), Buddy Giovinazzo (Combat Shock), David Gregory (Plague Town, founder of the Severin video label) and Tom Savini (legendary FX artist – Creepshow, Dawn of the Dead, Friday the 13th and countless others, director of the 1990 Night of the Living Dead remake and actor in such films as From Dusk Till Dawn and Machete).

Check out a brain-scrambling new image inside!

Theater Bizarre

Theater Bizarre

Theater Bizarre

Theater Bizarre


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