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Preview: Hack/Slash #29

If you’re Time Seeley & company how do you follow up an issue where Cassie and Vlad make sushi out of Mary Shelley and Chtulhu’s love child? What about sidekicks, a murder mystery, and Samhain? Find the answers to these and other burning questions beyond the break. (Note-lotion not included)

SUPER SIDEKICK SLEEPOVER SLAUGHTER prelude! Before Cassie and Vlad ever smashed a head, another duo patrolled the night: the fearsome NIGHTMARE and his sidekick SLEEPY! What is their bizarre connection to Samhain, and how will this all lead into a teen sidekick / slasher movie mash-up?

Penned by scribe Tim Seeley with art by Chris Burnham, Ross Campbell, Daniel Leister, Jason Millet, and Nathan Fox the next issue of Devil’s Due Publishing’s ever popular HACK/SLASH series goes on sale January 6th 2010.




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