Brad Fuller Talks ‘Massacre’ Prequel

While he really doesn’t go into any detail really, he does spill a little information our way about the prequel to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Such as who he wants to get back in it, and even if Andrew Bryniarski, the man that played Leatherface in the remake, will return to play the part again. He also talks about bringing back R. Lee Ermey to reprise his role as the Sheriff.
Zap 2 It reports,

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. ( — The prequel to “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” will explore the family of Leatherface and how the creepy murderous family became serial killers, according to producer Brad Fuller.
While on the set of “The Amityville Horror” remake which is shooting about an hour’s drive north of Chicago, Fuller tells some of the secrets of the much-anticipated prequel to the “Massacre” story which is based loosely on serial killer Ed Gein.

“It won’t have any of the young actors from the first (like Jessica Biehl), this is a prequel,” Fuller smiles wickedly. “But there will be a group of teen and young adults in their 20s who make an unfortunate decision to end up in this town.”

Fuller is part of Platinum Dunes — with Andrew Form and action producer Michael Bay — a company that re-made “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and terrified audiences last year, despite much skepticism from hardcore fans of the 1970s original. The horror remake opened at the top spot and brought in $81 million at the box office and $90 million in DVD sales.

Now, they’re remaking “The Amityville Horror” which hasn’t had such a cult following as “Massacre.”

In creating the prequel to “Massacre,” the team hopes to explain the story of the murderous family. “The old man had no legs, we hope to answer questions about that,” Fuller explains. “We hope that you’d eventually be able to watch the two movies together and it will explain a lot of questions that were unanswered.”

It’s not clear if the actor playing Leatherface will reprise his role, “It’s a very physical part,” Fuller says. A lot of that will depend on how the actors negotiate, because they want to keep all their movie budgets below $20 million. Fuller does hope, however, to encourage actor Arly Ermy, the creepy sheriff, to come back.

“He elevated that movie in much the same way as Philip Baker Hall does with ‘Amityville,’ ” says Fuller. “The Amityville Horror” stars Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George and is expected for release on April 15, 2005.

Source: Zap 2 It