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Get Answers, Ask More Questions: ‘Final Destination 5’ Producer Craig Perry Round 2!

Just last week we asked you Bloody Disgusting readers to hit us up on Twitter to ask Final Destination franchise producer Craig Perry questions about his forthcoming Final Destination 5, which arrives in theaters August 12 from Warner Bros. Pictures.

The first round of questions were absolutely fantastic: all you had to do was tweet @BDisgusting with your questions, accompanied by #FD5BD. Perry then compiled his favorite questions and answered them inside!. We’ll continue to get questions answered as long as you’re interested and stay engaged. Read inside to see the previous Q+A and then begin round 2 by following the above instructions (or click here).

Directed by James Cameron protege Steven Quale, the fifth film in the franchise begins with a suspension bridge disaster and takes the mythology in a new direction. “Death is just as omnipresent as ever, and is unleashed after one man’s premonition saves a group of coworkers from a terrifying suspension bridge collapse. But this group of unsuspecting souls was never supposed to survive, and, in a terrifying race against time, the ill-fated group frantically tries to discover a way to escape Death’s sinister agenda.

@michaelwesten87 — Where does FD5 rank on your list of Final Destination movies? Almost as good as the original? Better? Second favorite?

Craig Perry: “FD5 is most similar to FD1 in tone so I’d have to make it neck and neck as the best in the series. However, I do have a soft spot for FD2 – the kills are amazing.

@guns4hire2000 — In FD 1-4, what are your favourite death scenes? Do you think FD5 tops any of them?

Craig Perry: “That’s like asking which one of my children is better looking! But I do like little Timmy getting squished by the glass in FD2. As far as FD5 is concerned, I think all of the death sequences will have their fans – but watch out for the gymnastics sequence. Brutal tension and not what you expect.

@KirkyKILLS — it was said that if 5 is a success 6&7 will be made back2back. is this true? and if so have any ideas for them to share?

Craig Perry: “Let’s see how FD5 does. I would love to make another one. However, I don’t think we’ll make 6&7 back-to-back. And for now, no ideas.

@turistas_902 — What made you give emma bell such a high row? did you see how amazing she was in frozen

Craig Perry: “I did see FROZEN and thought Emma Bell was terrific. She is lovely, natural, understated and a complete professional. I’ve never been on a movie where the entire cast became instant, fast friends.

@moviewizguy — In what ways is FD5 going to be better than TFD and different from the others?

Craig Perry: “FD5 is more in line with the first movie. It’s still a fun, entertaining ride but with a slightly more serious undercurrent. It’s definitely got humor but we were able to avoid camp. The cinematography, design, effects, acting, sound elements, score – it’s clearly the best-made FD movie yet. I think we succeeded in correcting the course of the franchise.

@JuicyStrawperry — Are Kimberly and Burke dead in your mind? What about Frankie?

Craig Perry: “Kimberly and Burke are, alas, dead. There’s a beat on the DVD extras for FD3 that describes how they died. Frankie is more than dead – he’s destroyed.

@IsmaelNegroo — If FD5 is successful what will be the opening scene of FD6? will there even be a premonition? thanks.

Craig Perry: “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves! I hope enough people see and enjoy FD5 to warrant a discussion about FD6.

@BlakeTheSequel — Craig: Does Tony Todd’s character Bludworth have a more central role in the new movie than the first two films?

Craig Perry: “Tony worked longer on this movie than any of the others combined. He has a pivotal role and fans will thoroughly enjoy his presence.

@KarFong — I felt regret to check out the new trailer of FD5, cause it’s way too much of spoilers, should I feel in this way?

Craig Perry: “Watch and have fun with the trailer. There are plenty of surprises to discover when you see the movie.

FDMajorFan — As said before u guys behind FD4 learned ur mistakes. What specifically did u find faults with and how did u improve it?

Craig Perry: “Let’s just say we listened and took action. You can see the specific results when you see FD5!

@ThunderDragoon — How has the backlash from fans to The Final Destination shape Final Destination 5 into a better film than TFD?

Craig Perry: “We listened to the fans and worked really hard to deliver what many people believe is the best FD movie yet. And that’s not just bullshit – it was a consistent comment from the test audiences.

@Fabiocss — we can expect alternative deaths?

Craig Perry: “The DVD will have two alternate Deaths.

@TroyKingSyd — how will this one but different from the rest?

Craig Perry: “It’s certainly an FD movie. But we added the idea that if you kill someone, you can take their life and they take your place on Death’s list. So the question is – do you have the courage to kill someone? And whom do you kill? A baby that might tragically die in a car crash in two weeks? A sixty year old man who may live to 100? This dynamic puts the characters into a classic moral quandary and motivates a lot of interesting twists and turns.

@TroyKingSyd — what other horror pics do u like?

Craig Perry: “Lots. I really don’t have a favorite (sounds like a copout, but it’s not). I love splatter movies, atmospheric haunted house movies, devil movies, monster movies, etc. And my favorites in all the categories shift and rotate. Do you have something to recommend?

@Drew_Highfill — What kind of cheese burgers and candy do you like? Does anyone die by those in the movie?

Craig Perry: “Can’t beat an IN-N-OUT burger. I’m partial to Junior Mints. And no one dies from either in FD5.

@Jos-sim — I have a question… a fifth Final Destination, really?

Craig Perry: “Yes.

@Evil_Ed209 — Why did u decide to bring back the bloodworth character from the 1st 2 films? I’m glad u did btw. Tony Todd is great.

Craig Perry: “BTW, Tony is in FD3 as the voiceover for the train engineer at the end. He was supposed to be in TFD but we couldn’t fit it into his schedule. So we’re thrilled the stars aligned and Tony is back and better than ever in FD5.

@ShhmessiJessi — you should ask why the newest FD5 trailer is basically a mash up of the movie in 2 min.?!

Craig Perry: “Um… most trailers encapsulate the thesis of any movie in 2 minutes. However, there are many, many more surprises left to enjoy. Remember, this franchise is founded on the bait-and-switch… you never know how the character is really going to die until BAM! The end. Same thing goes for what you think you’re seeing in the trailer.

@Lucas — Craig: In your opinion, like a Producer, can FD5 be better than TFD?

Craig Perry: “In all honesty, it’s a much better movie.

@macmason2k7 — Hi have you ever thought about put FD series to a tv series ? if not do it please :o)

Craig Perry: “It has been discussed. But for right now, we’re having too much fun making theatrical movies for the fans.

@skunkrocker — Not a question, just a statement Craig: MORE NAILGUN! It’s like cowbell, but bloodier.

Craig Perry: “Oh yes, life is always better with more nailgun.

@MyMistakeMy — Why return to # sequels (adding 5) within the film’s title? An admission that TFD (4) was not a successful reboot?

Craig Perry: “It just seemed like a clearer, more precise way to tell the audience what the movie is. And TFD wasn’t actually a reboot – just a sequel. Whether or not it’s better or worse than FD5, I look forward to hearing your thoughts…

@nikkishah — if you had to pick one of the final destination ways to die which one would you pick and why

Craig Perry: “Weirdly, it would be Lewis in FD3. Instantaneous.

@Timewarp_JF — Is final destination 5 the last of the final destination franchise?

Craig Perry: “That’s up to you.

@Davidsfunstuff — Great to se Tony Todd back in the game! How did you get hold of him and how was it to have him back?

Craig Perry: “We wrote him into the script, made sure he would be available when we shot it, and he delivered!

@kimmigram — will there be more amazing ways they die? If so can you name one?

Craig Perry: “Kimberly, one death is so squishy and audacious my hope is it’ll make you scream out loud. And no, I’m not going to tell you what it is. You have to see the movie!

@TheSamWicked — Why is death so shitty at his job? He can’t even kill a small group of kids anymore.

Craig Perry: “Ah, but this is where you’re mistaken, Sam. How do you know that all of these incidents where kids escape Death isn’t part of a much larger design? That in the end, they were meant to survive the original disaster? This brain-twisting conundrum is what makes these movies fun. Oh, and the awesome kills. 🙂

@drkwingduck “A Fuck, I Gives None” — i have a question…why is there even going to BE a Final Destination 5?

Craig Perry: “I’m sorry you don’t give a fuck. There’s another FD movie because the franchise has a huge fan base worldwide. We saw an opportunity to make a better movie than TFD… and we have.

@321sponge1 — Im sure you know that most fans of FD were disappointing with TFD.Will this genuinely be a big step up? No disrespect 🙂

Craig Perry: “I realize fans were disappointed in TFD. I like it, but I like all the projects I work on. So I strongly believe we took the fans concerns into account and made a film that delivers.

@321sponge1 — Sorry,I have a lot of questions:’)How many deaths are there in this movie?Are they all equally thought out/developed?

Craig Perry: “There are more than enough deaths to keep you happy. And I think we’ve thought them all out! All of them are inspired by real incidents.

@321sponge1 — Hi Craig :)How big of a part will tony todd be playing in this installment?He seems very involved in the trailers.Thanks

Craig Perry: “Tony worked longer on this movie than any of the others combined. He has a pivotal role in the movie and fans are going to thoroughly enjoy his presence.

@Bryanw702 — shouldn’t FD5 be called Final Destination4?

Craig Perry: “Titles are a tricky thing. If you think about it, calling the first movie Final Destination sort of limited our options. Final Destination 5 seems the clearest way for the broadest audience to understand what the movie is.

@Bryanw702 — Is there any chance that Tony Todd is death?

Craig Perry: “Ah, a long standing question. Only Tony Todd can answer that… and he won’t! I’ve asked. We’ve never made a definitive call.

@7fitzgerald — Besides the obvious answer of greed why would you choose to beat a dead horse instead of directing something fresh & new

Craig Perry: “First, I don’t direct the movies. Second, we came up with a fresh addition to the narrative and a cool twist that inspired us; despite the financial success of TFD, we wouldn’t have made FD5 otherwise. Remember, it’s “show” and “business” – both working in concert. Finally, the movies are fun. There are lots of fans worldwide. I’m sorry you’re not one of them, but if you give FD5 a chance… I think you’ll like it.

@drew_highfill — What is your favorite part about filming this movie?

Craig Perry: “Shooting the death sequences are always wet, splattery fun. But the bridge sequence in FD5 was so massive and technically complex that it was the most challenging, fun aspect of making this movie. Our director Steve Quale really knocked it out of the park.

@Gerry — Is this installment directly connected to any of the other previous movies?

Craig Perry: “Since the first movie, we’ve tried to make small cross-references between all the subsequent films. It’s fun to catch the references throughout.

@margaretlaney — What is your favorite special effect in Final Destination 5?

Craig Perry: “There’s one moment in the bridge collapse sequence that really blows my mind – it’s a perfect balance of performance, live action and visual effects, all on a massive scale.



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